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We offer a range of services to help your business grow!

Affordable Design

A professional website for your business at an affordable price. Sites include hosting if required.

Brand Marketing

Bespoke advertising campaigns incorporating a full spectrum of media options.

Social Management

Going beyond raising brand awareness and staying current on the latest internet trends.

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Website design, UK hosting and ecommerce solutions
Website design, UK hosting and ecommerce solutions
Digital magazines, custom forms & promotional flyers
Digital magazines, custom forms & promotional flyers
Event photos, stock Images and drone photography
Event photos, stock Images and drone photography
Ad design, marketing and social media management
Ad design, marketing and social media management

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"I highly recommend Wight Solutions. They had my new webpage for my start-up business venture built in such quick time. The whole process has been seamless from start to finish and i'm truly grateful for all their help, thank you so much Sandy"

Bobbi M, East Cowes
Bobbi M, East Cowes bobbiscabs.co.uk

"Wight Solutions. A superb local brand design and web page development business with the very reliable, Sandy at the helm. He helped me with a lovely new website, listened and undertook all my tweaks and produced just what I needed. Well done Sandy."

Paul M, Newport
Paul M, Newport wightwills.co.uk

"You guys are legendary and I appreciate everything you have done for us! Sandy has been amazing. We have been with Wight Solutions for nearly 10 years. Amazing support & service. I couldn’t ask for any better. Thank you! from Hill Farm Stables"

Jayne B, Freshwater
Jayne B, Freshwater hillfarmstables.com

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